Grade 70 Chains, Machine Chains and Tow Chains

It seems that green industrial steel chain is oxymoron, but in reality it’s not, the material of which tie down chain made is usually carbon steel, and the steel can be recycled with low cost, when we use renewable energy in the production process, you have the greener than expected industrial grade chains.

In the truck logistic business , the binder chains along with tire chains are all the people will use, in reality there are more chains products than transport chains, just name a few, such as machines chains, coil chains, passing link chains etc., and for towing and recovery needs, the tow chains are playing the main role, simply put, these chains are mostly made from steel .

In most cases tie down chains equal to grade 70 chain , some people call them binder chains, you should know that there are 2 standards for these chains, ASTM and NACM. ASTM chains are all short link chains, while NACM are regular link chains. People use short link chains when they need more flexibility, for instance the short links can wrap around the corner easily, regular links are not for these apps. Tie down chains are mostly seen on the trailers, securing the load on the truck, you definitely can put these chains to some other way of uses, as long as it’s safe.

Tire chains and snow chains are the same thing under most circumstances, then we know that snow chains are tire chains, but tire chains are not equal to snow chains, for instance, you probably will put tire chains on when the road is icy. We always see tire chains sold in pairs, the reason is that people need to chain up tires in pairs. Most tire chains are made from steel. You will have to buy the matching size of tire chains for your vehicle, if you drive a sedan, you will need passenger car tire chains, You will need truck tire chains if you drive a pickup with big wheels.

When it comes to hardware chains, there are a lot more than you can imagine, you will find a lot different chains in this family. For instance, machine chain, with twist link machine chain and straight link machine chain, sash chain , twisted and straight link coil chains, electro-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized proof coil chains , and all those decoration steel chains, this is a big family. Hardware chains have specific features and applications, grade 30 chain is the most popular general purpose chain, you can use grade 30 chains with windlass, on the fence, for example.

Last but not least, let’s check out tow chains, actually people only offer 51/6” chains in trade size, the WLL of tow chain is 4700 lbs, actually this strong enough for almost all cases, and there are only a few varieties available, in fact the tow chains only have 2 lengths available, 6′ and 10′, long shank J hook and sports T & J hook, since tow trucks all have same design and set up, only standard tow chains are needed, both towing businesses and chain manufacturers can benefit from this simplicity.

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