Summer Fashion Haul! (Brandy Melville, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, H&M)

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December 7, 2012 · admin · 25 Comments
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  1. Kaitlyn Young - December 7, 2012

    I wanted that …
    I wanted that heart one sooo bad!

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  3. Jasmine Yao - December 7, 2012

    Boots for the fall …
    Boots for the fall! c:

  4. jonimingus22 - December 7, 2012

    ~!*My favorite …
    ~!*My favorite trend for fall is a super cute scarf!*~

  5. ShirlyLovesBeauty - December 7, 2012

    I thought the owl …
    I thought the owl sweater was from Hollister because of the tag and I’m like woahh, they make stuff like that…?

  6. tofubunny99 - December 7, 2012

    @fL0pSy210 it says …
    @fL0pSy210 it says ma as in horse

  7. VeAqSa - December 7, 2012

    Great haul! Where …
    Great haul! Where and how did you find out about brandy melville sale? Do u sign up o their email cause i idnt get anything

  8. lynninfinite - December 7, 2012

    i really like …
    i really like hollister :D (the stuff without the names/letters on it) and a&f as well :) i got a pair of white shorts from a-kids! and i saw those tops at target and i was like, “tiffany has those :o

  9. mangacoco2012 - December 7, 2012

    love this video!! : …
    love this video!! :)
    nice haul:)

  10. TheJasmineTara - December 7, 2012

    Great video

    We …
    Great video

    We are two 18 year old girls from Australia and have just started up our own beauty channel!

    We would love it if you could stop by! xx

  11. sk8tr31 - December 7, 2012

    pictures of food …
    pictures of food lmao :p

  12. lovemileyandniley - December 7, 2012

    loved this haul, …
    loved this haul, love the clothes!

  13. TravDrmr19 - December 7, 2012

    because you never …
    because you never know what weather your going to have in L.A. most of the time its hot :)

  14. randomdreamsetc - December 7, 2012

    Too bad u can’t …
    Too bad u can’t make a winter haul since ur in LA and all :(

  15. 4LuvMissCrystal - December 7, 2012

    How come you …
    How come you bought summer clothes in September?

  16. Dasha Didenko - December 7, 2012

    Your teeth are …
    Your teeth are pearly white!

  17. greenteapixie - December 7, 2012

    The editing is …
    The editing is pretty choppy :/
    Love how you got most things on sale though! xx

  18. Pikamee16 - December 7, 2012

    What are you …
    What are you studying ?? :)

  19. hodoboc - December 7, 2012

    Who wears short …
    Who wears short shorts? I wear short shorts!

  20. fashionandbeautyisme - December 7, 2012

    very cute haul …
    very cute haul realy ike the white skirt alot and bump who dont like haul it is very informative to me 

  21. iorghs fjdsöl - December 7, 2012

    looooooooooooove …
    looooooooooooove ure hauls*0*

  22. Callie Fragoso - December 7, 2012


  23. Hannism2008 - December 7, 2012

    love hauls :)
    love hauls :)

  24. apmtz11 - December 7, 2012

    Ew. You have a …
    Ew. You have a tattoo. I hate tattoos. But I like this video.

  25. Itsureiswindy40 - December 7, 2012

    Why does it matter …
    Why does it matter where she looks?! ~__~

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