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Black Sandals:

Clear Heels: I think are out of stock :/




Ear Cuff:,22,&prdid=87

Skull Shirt:,15,&prdid=58

StyleStalker at PLNDR:

Pink Dress:

Duration : 0:8:15

October 13, 2012 · admin · 25 Comments
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  1. thatsprettiiamazingx - October 13, 2012


  2. weeshy808 - October 13, 2012

    you look gorgeous …
    you look gorgeous with simple makeup!

  3. Selina Lina - October 13, 2012

    Where did you get …
    Where did you get that chair!?
    i’ve been looking for something like that EVERYWHERE :(

  4. lyssaa43 - October 13, 2012

    i hate the pink …
    i hate the pink dress and the wite shoes

  5. TheCourtnaaaaaay - October 13, 2012

    How do you split …
    How do you split your screen !?!!? For an example at, 7:30 to 7:32. I’ve been dying to know how to do this, any respond from anybody would be greatly appreciated!

  6. JessinaBella - October 13, 2012

    ombré :-)
    ombré :-)

  7. Courtney Hollinson - October 13, 2012

    i just found your …
    i just found your channel today and your style is exactly the same as mine! or what i wish i could pull off, still working on getting the confidence and body to wear this stuff. love it xx :)

  8. Sweet1981ie - October 13, 2012

    have you ever tried …
    have you ever tried NuBra? They work great for backless dresses as well. They give you more coverage too.

  9. cinnamonbed - October 13, 2012

    Oh and about your …
    Oh and about your accent story… I spoke french when I was a kid cause my mom put me in a french kindergarten for some bizarre reason… hence I spoke in french to my parents and they couldn’t understand me cause they speak spanish lol, I speak spanish too obviously…well, and english, but not with a british accent :P hhaha ur funny

  10. cinnamonbed - October 13, 2012

    hahha you’re so …
    hahha you’re so entertaining :) I loved the camera thing lol, and I do love your style, I wish it acceptable to wear that stuff to university, I will in summer though… I’m thinking about getting those leggins…hmmm…

  11. endlessunsets - October 13, 2012

    are your lips …
    are your lips natural? ♥ love them!

  12. Lisa13245 - October 13, 2012

    I had a british …
    I had a british accent when I was a kid too, I’ve never even been to Europe – I watched a lot of British television and when I was younger. I think that was because we didn’t have cable so we only had 5 channels – only 2 of them I’d watch which aired a lot of British television.

  13. Lucy Parr - October 13, 2012

    I have that …
    I have that snakeskin stylestalker dress!

  14. jessielouroll - October 13, 2012

    DUDE. i was totally …
    DUDE. i was totally going to buy that dress for my sisters wedding. i then relised i am not a millionaire! hahah!

  15. JaninaheartsSparkles - October 13, 2012

    her kids were …
    her kids were russian, too, lol!

  16. Kayla Jade - October 13, 2012

    She looks stunning …
    She looks stunning in all her videos.. Lol.

  17. chabapula78 - October 13, 2012

    Please can you show …
    Please can you show the hole outfit you bought for your mothers wedding on you? I have a very important party coming and I wanted to look how the dress looked on and also I wanted to ask you how long did it took the dress to arrive? THANK YOU:D I love your video and you have a really unique style.

  18. Rocco Pennella - October 13, 2012

    There’s special …
    There’s special bras that attach to you’re strap and go way down just YouTube bras that can be worn with very low cut dresses!Gr8888888 dress by the way! I love your style!!!!!!!

  19. PaintYourColour - October 13, 2012

    Please check out my …
    Please check out my first video! Its a DIY:) Great video by the way

  20. GummyGabby - October 13, 2012

    why don’t you try …
    why don’t you try that adhesive bra for the wedding? the “un bra” or whatever its called . just a thought

  21. zealouschild - October 13, 2012

    I absolutely love …
    I absolutely love your videos! Your hair is so beautiful and unique! Just like you :)

  22. Ll Kool - October 13, 2012

    What do you think …
    What do you think of Pixie Lott’s shoes in the Feb 2012 Cosmopolitan? Google if you don’t know who she is. Her music and style are what’s up :D

  23. scenepunk09 - October 13, 2012

    i thot you were …
    i thot you were wearing that other dress to the wedding or is this a different one..

  24. Marie Duval - October 13, 2012

    You look a bit like …
    You look a bit like Cassie on SKINS (♥)

  25. sophia1xox - October 13, 2012

    just so you know, …
    just so you know, you can buy exact lookalike Alexander McQueen scarves in loads of different colours on places like and for about $20 or less :)

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