Spring Fashion Online Haul: Lulus.com Sheinside.com Romwe.com PinkandPepper.com

0 Spring Fashion Online Haul: Lulus.com Sheinside.com Romwe.com PinkandPepper.comMore fashion inspiration: http://www.BelindaSelene.com
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My new room! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h98O2jZobU
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Navy Beige Striped Blouse:


Turquoise Long Sleeve Pocket Blouse:


Pink Sequins Dress:


Pink Geometric Pullover : (Tribal Print Sweater)


Apricot Beading Zipper Shorts:



Mint Distressed Shorts:


Blue and Silver Cap-toe Pumps:


Lavender Long Sleeve Dress:


Floral Print Black Lace Dress:


Peach Sequin Sweater (What I’m wearing in this video):



Sequin Leggings:


Riveted Leggings:


Floral Irregular Sweater:


Lolla Taupe Pumps:


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Editing program: Pinnacle Studio 15

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  1. Razy Suarez - August 22, 2013

    Razy SuarezJul 1, …
    Razy SuarezJul 1, 2013 How long did the package to take to get to you because I heard bad review about there shipping

  2. Melisa Atay - August 22, 2013

    Where did you buy …
    Where did you buy your top at first part? It’s Tiffany s top ♥♥

  3. Razy Suarez - August 22, 2013

    How long did the …
    How long did the package to take to get to you because I heard bad review about there shipping

  4. Belinda Selene - August 22, 2013

    It’s so big I …
    It’s so big I recommend the smallest lol

  5. Razy Suarez - August 22, 2013

    For the distress …
    For the distress floral sweatshirt from Romwe I know it’s big and do you think the medium will fit a large

  6. Dealexis Franklin - August 22, 2013

    How Do You Get A …
    How Do You Get A Pair of shoes each month? is it for free or you pay for them?

  7. YY Shin - August 22, 2013

    talky, talky, talky
    talky, talky, talky

  8. ericasglam - August 22, 2013

    I love your haul! …
    I love your haul! Please check out my channel and subscribe! I just subscribed to you :)

  9. Belinda Selene - August 22, 2013

    They are a tiny bit …
    They are a tiny bit big on the front, but over all okay :)

  10. PaNDa14KiiTTy - August 22, 2013

    I’m planing to buy …
    I’m planing to buy the toe cap pumps are they true to size??

  11. MaMaLoVe77ily - August 22, 2013

    Love your style! …
    Love your style! Thank you for telling us where you got everything and posting up links : )

  12. nohiforyou - August 22, 2013

    The floral sweater …
    The floral sweater she got from romwe is on sale for 38.99 I think and if your a first time customer u get 20% off. Love that sweater. Love from hawaii

  13. Essence Clark - August 22, 2013

    Please Do A Whats …
    Please Do A Whats On My Android Video I Would Love That ( :

  14. Nelle Lashan - August 22, 2013

    PLEASE do a purse …
    PLEASE do a purse collection!

  15. twilightchic143 - August 22, 2013

    Nice picks Bel!!! …
    Nice picks Bel!!! The shoes from pink and pepper are adorable!!

  16. ashleehock - August 22, 2013

    I hate one size …
    I hate one size fits all :( top heavy girls don’t count as “all” lol

  17. Janet Hernandez - August 22, 2013

    Really like your …
    Really like your top where is it from??

  18. TriniFab Lawyer - August 22, 2013

    Question- where …
    Question- where these clothes on sale? and if so, is it still going on?
    Please do an updated closet tour!!! :) )) Thnx!

  19. Jaimee Lewis - August 22, 2013

    I can’t see it all …
    I can’t see it all I can see are all the pixels!! :P

  20. vianney garcia - August 22, 2013

    Belinda start …
    Belinda start listing your music please.

  21. thecasualprincess - August 22, 2013

    I …

    I love youtube, after two years of second thoughts here I am with my channel about cooking, fashion, DIY. If you cant please check it out. IT WOULD MEAN A LOT FOR ME! <333

  22. cakeyfacebeauty - August 22, 2013

    Do more decor ideas …
    Do more decor ideas !! Love those and how you organize your closet :)

  23. fashiontoppings - August 22, 2013

    I’m in love with …
    I’m in love with the sweater you have on !!! Absolutely Beautiful !!!

  24. michelle956caliluv - August 22, 2013

    Your sooo blessed …
    Your sooo blessed, and beautiful.

  25. Ricanbarbie06 - August 22, 2013

    can you do a part …
    can you do a part of your video where you try on the clothes so we can see what they look like on while youre explaining the clothes??

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