HUGE Spring Fashion HAUL! 2013

0 HUGE Spring Fashion HAUL! 2013Collective haul sharing fashion and beauty items I picked up for spring!

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*Items Mentioned*
F21 Electric Blue Pointy Toe Pumps
F21 Navy & Cream Strappy Sandals
JustFab shoes- Ankara
Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5 Zip Orange Bag
JustFab Bag- Arrival
JustFab Bag- Fifth Avenue
Target Periwinkle Shoulder Bag
Target Tan Ostrich Clutch
SheInside Chiffon Galaxy Jacket:
SheInside Grey Tweed Contrast Leather Jacket:
H&M Floral Jacket
H&M Aztec Oversized Sweater
Nordstrom Blue & White Tie Dye Pants
Macy’s Tweed Studded Jacket
Papaya Brown Pleather Moto Vest
Papaya Acid Wash Cropped Denim Jacket
Urban Outfitters Moonchylde Muscle Tee
Urban Outfitters Blue & Gold Retro Shades
Makeup Forever HD Foundation
Christian Dior Ultra Shimmering All Over Face Powder ‘Amber Diamond’
Ben Nye Banana Powder
MAC ‘Snob’ Lipstick
MAC ‘Ruby Woo’ Lipstick

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March 22, 2013 · admin · 25 Comments
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  1. boot17 - March 22, 2013

    DMV FTW eff yeah.
    DMV FTW eff yeah.

  2. erodriguez313x - March 22, 2013

    What was the …
    What was the website u got the galaxy jacket from? I cant really hear what you say…

    Nice haul!!

  3. Enchantress V - March 22, 2013

    You are my new …
    You are my new found YouTube fave!!!!!

  4. backsyncfan - March 22, 2013

    not being rude, …
    not being rude, but why would that matter?

  5. Jazmin Jackson - March 22, 2013

    how much did you …
    how much did you spend in all ? did you have a budget?

  6. backsyncfan - March 22, 2013

    i certainly will :)
    i certainly will :)

  7. backsyncfan - March 22, 2013

    i’ll keep that in …
    i’ll keep that in mind! :)

  8. backsyncfan - March 22, 2013

    thanks luv muff!
    thanks luv muff!

  9. backsyncfan - March 22, 2013

    naw i took it back …
    naw i took it back. didnt like the finish on me either. and yea i have on lashes from ebay

  10. backsyncfan - March 22, 2013

    thank yoU!!
    thank yoU!!

  11. backsyncfan - March 22, 2013

    its in the box
    its in the box

  12. jaffe shoko - March 22, 2013

    the shades are …
    the shades are awesome!

  13. HizADDiction11 - March 22, 2013

    i use the same …
    i use the same foundation, love mine. I dont think it makes me look ghostly. try another shade or yeah get your $ back. Love the glasses and the navy and cream sandal/heel. good haul! question do you wear lashes or is that just good mascara?

  14. kay7lon1 - March 22, 2013

    I was thinking …
    I was thinking about getting snob but I wasn’t sure if it was ashy. I think I will try it just because you said you really like it and all you need is lipgloss. Can you just wear it by itself and it look good as well? Thanks for sharing!!

  15. bee777ful - March 22, 2013

    Sounds like u …
    Sounds like u didn’t get the right color with the hd then. Love the song in the background

  16. d8titus - March 22, 2013

    What’s ur …
    What’s ur instagram??

  17. juciiij - March 22, 2013

    Really like your …
    Really like your style3

  18. bxfinestladiie - March 22, 2013


  19. dani2292x - March 22, 2013

    Acid jacket was …
    Acid jacket was beautiful

  20. dalia2055 - March 22, 2013

    awesome!! Thanks a …
    awesome!! Thanks a bunch!

  21. TheTen9876 - March 22, 2013

    Pause!! 2:26 …
    Pause!! 2:26 gorgeoussssss bag…!!

  22. Полли В. - March 22, 2013

    really-really COOl …
    really-really COOl glasses!
    Thank you for video.

  23. PrincessRaye21 - March 22, 2013

    This is a SUPER …
    This is a SUPER Haul!

  24. fashionandbeautyisme - March 22, 2013

    Great haul my fab …
    Great haul my fab was the jean jacket and that tye dye pants cute

  25. Askia0221 - March 22, 2013

    please do an ootd …
    please do an ootd with those fabulous just fab snack sandals. i purchased them but needs some fashion inspiration to style them

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