Do you think FASHION discriminate against the OLD?

After seeing Spring Fashion commercials, I start wondering about the OLD and more MATURE people. How are they suppose to pull of the "LOOKS" like this when the COLORS and DESIGN doesn’t suit them. Am not trying to say they can’t pull it off.. Am trying to say that the FASHION INDUSTRY doesn’t appreciate the OLD. So what do you think?

they arent as good looking, so fashion is designed for those who look hot in the clothes

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  1. Daniel Tyler - December 1, 2012

    I think I’m still gonna look like a sexy rocker when I’m 80.
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  2. Matthew E - December 1, 2012

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  3. pittisit43 - December 1, 2012

    they arent as good looking, so fashion is designed for those who look hot in the clothes
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  4. indonesianwalruscontroldept - December 1, 2012

    Nah, Don King’s still the dogs bollocks.
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  5. Channing - December 1, 2012

    it’s not really that they don’t appreciate the "old", they’re just catering to a younger audience…
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  6. justask3715 - December 1, 2012

    You got to realize that the fashion industry targets younger people because that is where they make all their money. I don’t think it has anything to do with discrimination of the higher age bracket, but more to do with making money.
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  7. xavier h - December 1, 2012

    Some ARE old, its just that makeup,surgeries, and tv change everything; making them look younger.

    And they use younger looking people because they tend to catch more attention, rather than older people.
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  8. Jess - December 1, 2012

    well i love how fashion changes …it means that your not wearing the same thing all the time . just think about it ..its like a cycle people in the 80′s had there style and its now 2009 and people are wearing that type of stuff again .

    I love it
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  9. Carina - December 1, 2012

    Umm no, that’s why they have different brands for different ages! Do u ever c a 13 year old shopping at Chicos or St. John? Same thing with old people not going to teen stores!
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  10. WONDER WOMAN - December 1, 2012

    No one is gonna be inspired by a model with a zimmerframe or toupe..sorry..
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  11. Sam - December 1, 2012

    Fads and trends are aimed at the people who will go spend their hard-earned money on something that will be out of style next month. Older people don’t give a crap about the latest fad. Not to say we don’t want to look good, but come on, a 50 year old emo is pretty pathetic. There is something to be said about having some class.
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  12. revsuzanne - December 1, 2012

    I agree with you… a lot of the fashions out there just don’t work with older figures.
    For example, the low-rider jeans that are now thankfully working their way OUT of the stores… most older people can’t wear them gracefully, nor do we like them. They don’t work.
    Pairing those jeans with the same crop of too-short blouses… disaster.
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  13. Tara - December 1, 2012

    your right it is
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