Autumn & Winter Fashion Haul | Zoella

0 Autumn & Winter Fashion Haul | ZoellaAutumn & Winter Fashion Haul
Thumbs up if you’d like me to do a lookbook featuring some of these items icon smile Autumn & Winter Fashion Haul | Zoella



C/O Gleam Digital
12 Dryden Street


Jumper – H&M
Lipstick – Topshop “Charmed”
Eyeshadow – Stila “Kitten”
Nail Polish – Colour Club”Reign In Spain”
Watch – Michael Kors Rose Gold
Rose Gold Matte Rings – Cos
Rose Gold pinky ring – ASOS

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Pumpkinheads Celebrity Kids Boutique

0 Pumpkinheads Celebrity Kids BoutiquePumpkinhead’s celebrity children’s boutique is featured by a top French TV Station for the go to place in Los Angeles to see celebrity shoppers and find all the fabulous things you see on celebrity kids!

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What fashion designers/artists use the four seasons?

I’m doing a textiles project based on time and i have chosen to do the four seasons (summer, winter, autumn and spring) but cant find any designers/artists that incorporate them in their work. Would appreciate any help icon smile What fashion designers/artists use the four seasons?

Hi! Look at these…..

Léon Frédéric – The Four Seasons

Giuseppe Arcimboldo – The Seasons (1-4)

Seasons, 1896 by Alphonse Mucha

The Masque of the Four Seasons by Walter Crane

Charles Lutyens–a28998/charles-lutyens-posters.htm

Francois Boucher painted all four seasons.

Nicolas Poussin:

Just Google….. ‘Four Seasons Paintings’ for more!

I hope this helps! icon smile What fashion designers/artists use the four seasons?

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Help with modeling and how to get a start?

Hi my name is Autumn and im 15 and I have always aspired to become a model someday and i’d really like to try out for ANTM when I turn 18 . But I want to start a career now. I need help! How do I get a start?

How tall are you? Height matters. Models are selected on the basis of "something about them", that comes across in their pictures. Once you have a portfolio of pictures,approach a reputable agency. They should try to find you some work. Be careful you don’t get sent overseas, &get paid nothing, because its deemed work experience. It can be lonely, and hard. A good agency should care you are healthy, & not expect you to starve so are needle thin. What kind of modelling do you want to do? Cat walk fashion, catologue work? The hours can be very long and demanding. You could be globe trotting, and then expected to work, and look fresh. Be careful not to get taken advantage of. There may be days when you get little sleep, because you may be attending assignments in several countries, there may be days/weeks when you have no work.

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How to include other boutique designers into your online boutique?

Hello everyone icon smile How to include other boutique designers into your online boutique?

I recently started my own little online boutique where I sold all handmade items like dresses, hair accessories and tutus. I started it up about a year and a half ago, and so far it has been going pretty well and I have been able to build a great fan base. I have a two year old daughter and another one on the way that is due any second. With my daughter and my pregnancy it has gotten a little more difficult to keep up with orders since everything has to be handmade by me.

In order to be able to keep my boutique running smoothly and still be able to raise my children and spend a good amount of time with them I have been thinking about offering wholesale/drop ship items in my shop as well. In order to stay true to the style of my boutique I want to offer items that are in that same category. I was wondering how to go about contacting other boutiques to sell their lines in my shop. I am interested in selling items like Persnickety and Mustard Pie clothing. I see a few other online boutiques offering pre-orders of this lines to customers on their own boutiques and I would love to know how I can do that as well. Any one have any idea how I can go about this??? Thank You.

Brand name makers are less likely to do drop shipping or sell through small operations, don’t forget about maintain/grow your following with ongoing posts which might include reviews of some items without any sales link.
Affiliate linking to some other store sites may be the way to earn a 10% to 15% commission ion any resulting sales, you might check out the large affiliate program management site for physical products, Commission Junction, for prospects. Glancing at search results, it looks like Persnickety is sold through Amazon, where you can get a 4% to 8% commissions for any sales you refer, Amazon’s well oiled machine has high sales rates so it might pay off as well as higher commission lesser known sites.
(I believe the CJ earnings per click EPC, actually represents the average earning for 100 clicks on the banner.)

A search for: children’s clothing affiliate program, turned up among others:

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Autumn Fashion Haul! – Australia 2013

0 Autumn Fashion Haul!   Australia 2013-Links for items -

Denim Moto Style Jacket:

-Romwe -
Flash Tee:
Diamond Leggings:

Oatmeal Cardi:
Buckle Cardi:
Denim Shirt:
Beige Jacket:

Green Jacket:
Diamond Print Pants:

- Websites -

- My Links -
Vlog Channel:
Instagram: dommsmiles

- Music-
Royalty Free “Invisible Love” – Dan-O

Thanks for watching! Stay smiling..
Dom ♥

- FTC -
This video is not sponsored. I was not paid to make this video or to link the websites.
- TAGS -
DOMMsmiles Fashion Beauty Style Makeup Haul Aussie Australian Guru . I hate that word

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Spring Fashion Online Haul:

0 Spring Fashion Online Haul: PinkandPepper.comMore fashion inspiration:
Open for links to all of the items shown.
My new room!
Tag me in your favorite spring outfit using hash tag #BelindaSelene
I love to see all of your pictures!


Navy Beige Striped Blouse:

Turquoise Long Sleeve Pocket Blouse:

Pink Sequins Dress:

Pink Geometric Pullover : (Tribal Print Sweater)

Apricot Beading Zipper Shorts:


Mint Distressed Shorts:

Blue and Silver Cap-toe Pumps:

Lavender Long Sleeve Dress:

Floral Print Black Lace Dress:

Peach Sequin Sweater (What I’m wearing in this video):


Sequin Leggings:

Riveted Leggings:

Floral Irregular Sweater:

Lolla Taupe Pumps:

Keywords: Spring Fashion Lookbook 2013, Pastel colors, Winter to Spring, How to style for Spring, Latest Spring Fashion, Belinda Selene, MissBel01xox, Inspiration Fashion Rack, Haul, Fashion Haul,

Camera I use to record: Sony NEX3
Editing program: Pinnacle Studio 15

I love to interact with all of you! If you have any questions/requests or just want to say “HI!” tweet me!

(I feature your pictures in my monthly favorites videos and/or my blog!)

F A C E B O O K: BelindaSelene (MissBel01xox)

T W I T T E R: MissBelindaxox

P O S E username: MissBel01xox

I N S T A G R A M : MissBelindaxox

T U M B L R: BelindaSelene

P I N T E R E S T: BelindaSelene

B L O G: BelindaSelene

Sigma Brushes

use code “SAVE2013″ for 10% OFF your purchase!

Sedona Lace Brushes

use code “MissBel01xox” for $4.00 OFF your purchase!

For business inquiries/ reviews please contact me at:

Disclaimer: Some of these items were kindly sent to me to review and share with you. All opinions are my own.

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Girls Summer Fashion for 2013: What the GUYS Think!

0 Girls Summer Fashion for 2013: What the GUYS Think!With summer 2013 here, what do college guys think about some of the most popular female fashion trends, like short shorts, high waisted shorts, crop tops, big sunglasses, and gladiator sandals? We’ve got quotes from guys around the country! Find out on this episode of Trendy or Trashy!

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Baby Clothes Boutique – Fashion Kids Boutique “Leader in Fashion Inspired Clothing”

0 Baby Clothes Boutique   Fashion Kids Boutique Leader in Fashion Inspired Clothing

Baby Clothes Boutique – Fashion Kids Boutique “Leader in Fashion Inspired Clothing”

Shop kids clothes and children’s clothing including boys’ clothes, and girls’ clothing. Find girls’ dresses, boys’ shoes, girls’ shoes, and more kids clothes from Fashion Kids Boutique.

Shop Fashionable Clothes Children

Baby Clothes Boutique – Fashion Kids Boutique “Leader in Fashion Inspired Clothing”

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Korean Winter Fashion 2010!

0 Korean Winter Fashion 2010!All clothes are from and

Duration : 0:3:9

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