Go All The Way Green! Get Started with Solar Water Heater

Green energy shows us the way to go. When consumer demand and climate issues converge, businesses are forced to consider environment friendly solutions to the real world problems.

Harnessing solar energy to provide efficient energy,   it becomes feasible to meet home and business needs by green energy, this is what green revolution all about. All high-tech gadgets power your home and business need power,   with renewable energy we not only don’t have to worry about energy shortage but also lower the cost of energy.

A viable solar solution should be good for the environment and your bottom line. Not too long ago, solar collectors were cost prohibitive, which is only for the rich, it was effectively out of reach for the mainstream consumer. We make it easy to acquire technologies which make sense, no matter the size of your home or your organization.

Moving from old power tech to new solar energy is a big leap, that’s why we should embrace quality measures at all levels. From all quality control certifications, to customization, whoever wants to have business in green energy needs to take quality control serious, and do their best to provides peace of mind throughout the product life cycle.

Now we have a quite diversified product line, we should not lose sight of the fact that each product should provide measurable value:


The solar collectors engineered in Germany can achieve 95% efficiency. Wherever you want to installed your solar collector, Our assemblies can go anywhere, such as on the floor, wall, balcony, canopy, roof, garage roof etcetera.

• Heat-transfer

The state-of-the-art heat transfer material provides heat transfer to super sonic and exchanging speed within five seconds. Pipelines are created with 100% sealing, super-long distance connection capabilities, stable circulation systems and automated controls.

• Storing Heat

We almost can get 20 years out of the stainless steel storage, and due to our X5 materials, provide energy storage 2-3 times more efficient than water. Your custom set up can be applied to hot water, central heating or even thermal electricity.

Now you can see, these products are made to last and of high quality, you have to remember that green products have to be of high quality, or we’re just misleading the green conscious consumers.

Green solution is not only about renewable energy, almost nothing is not greenable, with emerging technology, old way of doing business can benefit from going green, such as trucking industry, a lot of manufacturers are making tie down with recycled materials, if we want our children have a bright future we have to go all the way green. When it comes to specific product, for example grab hook, we can always demand the product which is made of recycled material, this way we’re doing our part in green living.

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