What You Need To Know About Bridal Makeup

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so surely you’ll want to look your best as the bride and center of attention. If you pre-plan your makeup, you can save yourself a world of trouble on your special day. Follow these simple tips to ensure that you look your best and that your photographs will look flawless.

Get a Consultation – First things first, you need to know your colors. If you haven’t had a proper makeup consultation or if it’s been a while since doing so, visit a cosmetic counter or a makeup artist at a hair and spa salon to find out what tones compliment you the best. Your skin tone, hair color, and shape of your eyes will determine what kind of makeup looks best on you, and more importantly, what to avoid. The proper consultation will show you what subtle changes to make in your cosmetics that will have everyone saying how beautiful you look, but they won’t know exactly why. Paying a small fee now to find out how to properly plan your makeup will pay off exponentially on your wedding day.

Less is More – When applying makeup beyond a simple foundation and concealer, be wary of anything that can make you look a bit overly done. An obscene amount of color can distract people from your wedding dress and the pureness of the ceremony. While some color is appropriate, you definitely shouldn’t be wearing the same makeup on your wedding day that you would wear out to a club.

Eliminate the Shine – The most unattractive situation that can happen with your wedding makeup is that you mistakenly apply a liquid foundation (or other reflective makeup) which can cause for some unsightly wedding images. Wedding photographers try their best to capture the true beauty of your wedding day, but even they can’t stop the flash of their camera from reflecting off of your makeup. Instead, use a powder-based foundation or perhaps put powder directly on top of your makeup to make sure that the shine is gone.

Never Try New Makeup – Part of having a successful wedding day is to know how to protect yourself – and that means not experimenting with makeup a day or two before you walk down the aisle. Your friends may swear by the effectiveness of a new lipstick, but it’s not worth the risk of having your lips swell as if you’re allergic to shellfish. Women can react to makeup in odd ways, so if you’d like to try out new products for your wedding day, do so weeks ahead of time to ensure that no reaction can ruin your wedding.

Your wedding day is a monumental event, so a bit of preparation is needed even for your makeup. By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that whatever makeup you choose, you will look beautiful on your big day.

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