What Is It That Men Must Have In A Relationship

It may be an age long question, but it is still one that is perplexing to us. Ought you call him, or wait for him to call you?  One thing is for certain, it doesn’t come with a rulebook- even if it ought to. If you are sure you are meant to be together, what does it take to avail your boyfriend of this fact?

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•    HE WANTS YOU TO BE ON HIS LEVEL: It’s not just a saying, being someone’s partner should also be about being their best friend. A lot of men don’t have anyone they can open up to about stuff, allow him to talk to you and it will help your relationship.

•    HE WANTS SOMEONE WHO IS IN CONTROL OF THEIR EMOTIONS: Different personality types can work together well, if he is a hot head, try and cool down the situation, not turn on the heat. If you can maintain your composure when he is freaking out, then it will be to your credit. You don’t have to put up with needless abuse, naturally, but it is more of a give and take thing.

•    HE WANTS TO BE HIMSELF: Going on a mission to change someone is nearly always going to fail. What you see is most likely to be what he is. Try and accept that he is how he is and either you live with it or move on.

•    The Woman Men Adore & Never Want To Leave Book Review

•    HE WANTS AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN!: But also, you don’t want to let somebody dictate to you how to live your life either. You wouldn’t let anyone else override your own desires, would you?. Be the person he liked when he met you. Carry on aiming for the things that you choose to do in life, men like a woman who is independent.

•    HE DOESN’T WANT TO BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED: No-one wants to be invisible. Make sure you still make space for each other and do the things together that first drew you together. Surprise him from time to time!

•    HE DOESN’T WANT TO FIGHT YOU: You may argue all you like about the little things, but make certain he knows you are there when he needs to lean on you.

•    HE WANTS YOU TO TRUST HIM: He needs you to trust him, whether it is on a business trip or on a boys night with friends. He is going to encounter temptation – but he has chosen to be with you, so respect him enough to let him do his own thing.

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