The Wedding Date Dilemma

The most important part of planning your wedding is setting the date, this is the date that all your other planning works towards and without it you can’t plan a wedding at all. The date of your wedding depends on certain factors.

Allow Yourself Time to Plan the Wedding

How organized you are, will you hire a wedding planner to plan the wedding for you or will do it yourself and how long it will take to plan the wedding yourself all factor into when you should set a date for your perfect wedding. On average the time between becoming engaged and getting married is anywhere between a year and 18 months.

Date Clashes

You will want to avoid any major events that would preclude any of your family and friends from attending you wedding, this includes events such as birthdays and graduations. Consulting with the key members of your wedding party is a the best way to avoid scheduling conflicts.

What About Holidays

Avoiding wedding dates that are too close to the major holidays is a great idea. But Valentine’s day is exempt from this rule. Studies suggest that, all thoughts to the contrary, Valentine’s day is a good day for a wedding. Although sticking to the holiday rule is a idea as many people go abroad around the holidays and it may be a bit too much to ask them to cancel or alter their travel plans.

Choosing The Day

If you want to have your wedding on a weekend be prepared to fight other couples for the venues and services. If you are dead set on a weekend wedding then you should book your venue, reception, caterers and other vendors up to a year before the actually date. Saturdays are the hardest day to plan for during the busiest wedding months as there are many brides aiming for the same ceremony and reception sites at the same time.

Wedding Costs

Aside from being hard to book, popular dates may also add costs to you budget that you had not planned for. During the summer months vendors may charge more for their services, doubly so on a weekend. The same is also true the other way, as you head toward fall and winter you may be able to grab yourself a better deal on the wedding you want as competition wears thin.

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