The Powers Of Precognition

Our psychic potential can express itself in many different ways, but deep down, all psychic powers are the product of the same energy. This power is one with extreme versatility, and it can be called by a number of different names, but at base, all of those powers are really just expressions of the same ability. It’s the circumstances that make it look different. One of the more elusive types of psychic ability is called precognition.


It allows someone to be conscious or even see something that will occur in the future, prior to it actually happening. It is like the future being remembered. Similar to some other psychic perceptions, it is possible to have a precognition while we are awake but will more than likely happen during our sleep. When a person is sleeping they tend to down the blocks that keep their inner powers subdued.


When we are awake our conscious mind interferes significantly with the psychic powers that we have but as we slip into sleep the barriers begin to fall. The rational mind takes on a less active role in the thoughts that are being relayed. Our minds are open wider to the thoughts and psychic experiences that occur once we are asleep. Precognition is more likely to be effective during a deep sleep.


So, why can we engage in precognition in the first place? There are a few possibilities. Some people believe that there’s not really such a thing as linear time, and that our perception of time as linear is actually just an illusion of the senses. Precognitive experiences are the effect of accessing our unconscious knowledge of this nonlinear time.


The theory that time is really cyclical is another one. It says the each cycle in time is very similar to, if not nearly exact to each other. We have memories about the things that happened in a previous cycle and it presents itself as a glimpse of the future. If this is true then precognition truly allows people to remember things that occur in the future.


There is another theory that suggests that everyone and everything is connected with a powerful web of energy that crosses over all time and space. Because we are connected to that web we are able to see and know of things that are occurring in other parts of the web.


There are many examples of people proving that precognition actually occurs when they have predicted things that are going to happen in their own futures. The predictions are not always of extremely important things. It can be about small things like getting the incorrect order at a restaurant or a more important thing like the prediction of a bad breakup or a new job that is on the horizon. It is not uncommon for someone to be able to give very specific details about events that will occur in the future.


Bringing the precognition to the conscious state is one that is much more difficult than having a simple precognitive experience. Sometimes it takes a lot of practice and studying to be effective at it. It is good to put your concentration on a certain goal or target because it forces the mind to focus and it will require a lot less wasted energy to reach the final goal.


Precognition happens to many people early in life, but they choose to disbelieve it. This can actually cause your precognitive powers to dwindle, like any ability that’s not being used. While these people may experience a dream of the future every now and then, they never really realize their full potential, and they usually ignore anything they see or realize while sleeping.


This doesn’t have to be the case, however. It’s not necessary to be asleep to experience precognition, and this skill can be developed through careful study. Usually, a relaxed state, such as deep mediation, is required, and for some, little conscious knowledge about the information they’re seeking can be a big help.


The logical mind makes it difficult for someone to get to the details if they have too much information to begin with. By practicing in the right way, it is possible to have a conscious precognition.


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