How Important Is Routine Maintenance of Your Let Property

House owners know the importance of keeping their homes by owner for rent well maintained, since not only are tenants entitled by law to have a safe and habitable living environment, but its important to keep for rent vacation homes in good shape . After all, without a rent cheque coming in on a regular basis every calendar month,  let  properties  are worthless, and prospective tenants viewing a neglected property are unlikely to want to rent it . Meanwhile, tenants residing in a property that is suffering from neglect are more likely to treat the property poorly as well, and/or to withhold rental payments.

If for rent vacation homes do not receive proper maintainance, and if necessary repairs are not tackled immediately, in the long run the work is only going to cost more and take longer when maintenance or repairs are in the end undertaken.  Beach houses for rent are specially vulnerable to special repairs, given the ocean proximity. Plus, the value of properties in disrepair is importantly lowered, decreasing both their investment and rental potential. Additionally, landlords insurance providers expect homeowners to maintain their for rent vacation homes to a reasonable standard, and failure to do so could result in claims being denied.

As a landlord, its very important  you see to it that the for rent vacation homes receive required maintainance . The standards differ depending on the property type type - for instance, the management company is responsible for most exterior work to whom service charge fees are paid, homeowners are responsible for interior maintenance only, whereas freehold property owners are responsible for both interior and exterior maintenance – and landlords need to  ensure the correct  standards are met.

Bear in mind , that before you or anyone else goes to the  properties   to conduct routine auditions or maintenance, all guests  residing at the  beach houses for rent must be given at least 48 hours  advance notice of the visit.

As a landlord , you are required to ensure all gas instillations, electrical wiring, and gas and electrical appliances included with the property are maintained and in safe working order. Familiarise yourself with the gas and electric safety regulations.

Its a good idea  to have a professional  inspect the beach houses for rent wiring every four or five years to make sure it is up to code. Keep a record of all work performed to the beach houses for rent .

If the guests inform you of a problem in need of repair, you need to act immediately but preventative maintenance is equally important. Its a good practise to inspect properties every 6 months , so potential problems can be found before they escalate. This includes checking drains and gutters and clearing them of dust so flooding does not become an issue, checking for signs of mould or damp, mending any broken or leaking fixtures, and generally inspecting and repairing all aspects of the exterior and interior that could present problems. Do not forget to examine fences and garden walls to ensure they remain in sound condition and, crucially, inspect the roof and any chimneys for signs of damage. take into account that , if the  properties have a flat roof, it must be inspected at least every two years, since most insurance providers require flat roofs to be checked and repaired routinely. If you make a claim resulting from a damaged roof that you cannot prove was inspected within the previous 24 months, the loss adjuster can contend reasonable maintenance steps were not taken and thus deny the claim.

Its on your best interest to  perform cosmetic maintenance on properties when necessary. Touching up the paint job on interior walls when the homes by owner are between tenants is a simple enough task, and reasonably inexpensive  if you do it yourself, and may enable you to add an extra thirty or so pounds to the rent you charge the next tenant.

Try to keep your let for rent vacation homes in good condition, ultimately you will prevent unnecessary problems and save time and money, which makes the effort you expend in maintenance well worthwhile.  Last but not least, its important that you free list vacation rentals at all available directories. There are very solid directories out there, that will provide a huge sum of traffic.

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