4 Good reasons to avoid cheap dress shirt tailors

As with most things, quality follows the amount you pay for them this also applies to custom dress shirts. The following are real cases that have happened when going for the cheapest tailored dress shirt options.

1. Stripes are not aligned

It takes shirt makers more work to align the stripes of the dress shirts along the shoulders and by the cuff placket. Shirts often look better if they are made aligned. However, on any shirt stripes can not be perfectly aligned, but they can come close.

2. The classic – Shirt buttons falling off

On this particular dress shirt it is actually more than one button that fell off. The most sturdy buttons are usually those that are sown on by hand, so keep an eye out for dress shirt makers that offer that service.

3. Inner seams are incomplete and look terrible.

When the cut of the armpit hole is smoothly round and the thread color for that area doesn’t match the fabric itself, it is a true sign of being a poorly constructed and cheap dress shirt. It’s likely a shirt like this won’t last for more than a season.

4. Bubbles on the cuffs and collars after just a few washes

This happens when collars and cuffs are poorly fused and can not handle washing in hot water. It looks terrible and cheap, unfortunately in most cases it is not something you can spot when you pick them up.

5. Fabric is damaged

Here the fabric was worn down in one area so that there almost was a hole, but that’s what happens when you get the shirt made at a low cost Indian tailor. The shirt would’ve been great though if it weren’t for that.


If you are looking to buy a custom dress shirt or any shirts for men for that matter be sure to be careful of who you buy your shirts from. A simple google search on ‘custom dress shirts’ will give you a stream of options, online custom tailors are usually cheaper and at times even better than offline tailors.


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