1pBay – Interview With MCAHILL

Interview with Apple Iphone 16GB Winner MCAHILL12 who won the Apple Iphone on 1pBay.co.uk for £10.60 on 3rd May 2010
 How did you come across 1pbay.co.uk? 
Matt: I was doing a looking in Google when i noticed that one of the search results was for 1pbay. i enjoyed the name and the play on words from eBay and decided to take a look

1pBay: What was your first expression about 1pbay.co.uk?

Matt: At first i couldn’t believe what was on offer, and at what low prices, then figured out how the auction sale benefited both the winner of the auction and 1pbay.

1pBay: What was the first product that you bid for? Why did you go for that one?
Matt: My IPhone. i already own an iPod touch, which i loved, but forever wanted it to make phone calls, i.e. the iPhone. But could never afford the IPhone. when i saw one on 1pbay i decided that i would try my luck

  1pBay: How did you feel when you won?
Matt: Really excited! Although a part of me still believed that for some reason i hadn’t won. i was thinking that individual else would bid and i was gonna lose it, the other mortal bidding in the IPhone was using their bid butler but i must have caught it at the right time. Then i received the verification email. At that second i wanted to show off and tell everyone hahah

 1pBay: Any advice for new customers? 
Matt: be patient, have a look at previous bids, see how many people are bidding and how they are bidding, then bid when ready. It’s all about timing.

1pBay: What products would you like to see on 1pbay.co.uk in the future?

Matt: TV’s mobile electronics, laptops, games consoles

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