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How do I get a better sense of fashion and style?

I have a very bad sense of fashion. Every time I go to a store, I can’t really tell which shirt or outfit is pretty or not pretty. My mom usually picks out most of my clothes and I have very little clothes because I don’t have the time to go shopping and when I [...]

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what are the months of winter in London?

creating a fake Winter Fashion show advertisement for school and i need to know what months to set it in. November to March. Or in 2012/13, All year. !!

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What is a great way for a photographer and a clothing boutique to team up and help each other?

I am a photographer and was recently talking to a clothing boutique owner. She makes clothes for babies and children and loves my work. So she wants me to send her good quality photos of children in her clothes to post on her site. She is offering all my clients %20 off anytime they order [...]

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